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Dijo Thomas presents Scientific Paper on NeelagiriKaduva, the NEW Species Found by him in 103rd Indian Science Congress 2016; held at University of Mysore on 07 Jan 2016









Indian Science Congress 2016 held at University of Mysore on 07 Jan 2016 was inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India Sri. Narendra Modi on 03 Jan 2016. Though not registered for the Conference nor a member of ISCA, Mr. Dijo Thomas was allowed to present the paper, though after putting much pressure [thats India for you - this difficulty would not have been there if it were a western country], due to the importance of the findings. The officials of ISCA were totally unhelpful. Their interest lays in showing off themselfs as "Great Scientists (without any Findings)" & "Organisers (lacking even a little bit of Professionalism or interest in promoting Science in India)". This goes totally against PM's vision of making India a country with a Scientific base - also exactly the reason why India is not making much progress in this field. PMO kindly take note.

Mr. Dijo Thomas thanks all members - scientists of Environmental Science Section, who made this possible - later their names will be mentioned after getting their consent.








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